In lecture 12 some of the pornstars were described as being forced into this occupation, because they had very little options. I’m having a hard time taking in this concept, I think girls like Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley just love getting stuffed by cocks. Your not going to sit there and tell me that girls were forced into this situation because it was easier to take off their clothes and take a pounding rather than sit down and fill out a student loan application and go to college.

The men doing gay porn should be hung. How can you say your not gay or enjoying yourself while your stroking another man’s meat? Asking your girlfriend for oral sex tips? That shit is disgusting I don’t care how much a scene pays. How do you look at yourself in the mirror after just getting your shit pushed in? I would rather keep my pride and flip burgers 40 hours a week at McDonalds than embarass my old man while I’m on my knees blowing some juiced up homo.

And if any guy writes a post defending the men in lecture 12 they need to step out of the closet.



12 Responses to “erroneous”

  1. Way 2 Much - My husband agrees with you! Says:

    […] As soon as I read this post I knew my husband would appreciate it.  So I had him read it too! […]

  2. thinkporn Says:

    First: be careful of your/you’re.

    Second: I hope the double entendre was intended.


    It seems that you have, at several points in this post, confused your personal opinion with what should be extended to the society at large. While your father may be embarrassed by the idea of you fellating a man, I am certain that there are other fathers who would be more embarrassed by the job at McDonalds. The point? What works for you does not necessarily apply to other people.

    It’s an important point to keep in mind as you engage questions of pornography broadly. On one side of the fence are those who say “it’s not for me, but I’ll defend their rights to do it,” and on the other, “it’s not for me, so it shouldn’t be for anyone.” Most of the issues we address this semester fall somewhere between these two points.

    It is entirely possible to defend the actions of someone without sharing their sexual orientation. However, I’m not sure what there is to defend here. You would first have to convince me that what they are doing is wrong from a broader perspective than your personal predilections and preferences.

    I don’t like chocolate milkshakes. Anyone who claims that chocolate milkshakes are worthy or good must secretly be a chocolate milkshake lover (and ought, by extension, to be ashamed or killed). Otherwise, why would they defend the existence of chocolate milkshakes?

    If that argument seems a bit shallow to you, you might explain why it is different from the one you have expressed. What I am saying is that, as rants go, this is a fine rant, making able use of hyperbole, veiled threats, and narrow-mindedness. As logical arguments go, this one doesn’t. Try harder.

  3. Jessie » I take ignorance personally Says:

    […] I’d like to start by saying that this is a college course, an online one at that, and you have no idea who the other students and TAs are that are reading your posts.  I think you need to rethink they way you are presenting your opinions. Ice Bulls 10’s entry titled erroneous appalls me.  I’m positive that there are gay men in this class, and you obviously have no respect for them.  I’d like to ask you how you look yourself in the mirror after publicly posting such ignorant opinions. If a man wants to participate in gay porn, straight or not, you have no right to say that they should be hung.  I understand that you find it disgusting and don’t approve of it, but no one is holding you down and fucking you in the ass.  You are in no way being affected by these men, and they are no doubt making more money than you for their films.  If you’d rather be flipping burgers so as not to embarrass your father, then go for it, but don’t belittle these men who have made career choices different from yours.  You obviously have no respect for other people’s decisions. You also shouldn’t make it so painfully clear that you are an ignorant homophobic. “Juiced up homo” is not something you should be proud to say, leave that to you and your small minded friends.    […]

  4. Tank Says:

    I normally do not reply to post but after reading your I feel a need to. Let me first say that I beleive your bases for this “rant”, and thats what I hope it is, is your personal beliefs that homosexuality is bad, evil, against your god, not your cup of tea, etc. Those feelings and beliefs are completely fine to have as to my knowledge the Patroit Act has yet to take thinking away from us. With that said however when you post them on a school orientated blog such as this you have to be aware of the ramifications of your words. And I think you know that, the way you worded things such as “everyman doing gay porn should be hung”. I think you could have written your opinion out in a less graphic way and by doing so not upset anyone. Unless of course that was your intent, and in that case I wish you the best with your grades in this course as well as life here at UB. I am not saying this becuase I disagree with you, because to a certain extent I do not. I personally belief that everything is a two way street, by that I mean that of course not every female in porn was forced into it. But at the same time I also believe that not every male that does gay porn scenes is in fact gay. Eitherway I hope you take somthing away from what I shave written, but that of course is up to you.

  5. Sex4Thought » Blog Archive » Translation Please.. Says:

    […] Here is how I would write Ice Bull 10’s blog if that were the opinion I held… I tried my hardest to simply edit and not change the message, though it was hard considering how strongly stated it was: […]

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